Welding and cutting wires

Welding and cutting wires are required on the welding bars of impulse welding machines during the production of plastic bags, sacks and carrier bags.
We offer welding and cutting wires in various customer specific dimensions and forms with the required finishing.

Schweissbänder für Impulsschweissmaschinen
Heizdrähte und Trenndrähte für Ihre Verpackungsmaschinen
konfektionierte Heizbänder

Available Forms:

  • Flat strip
  • Bulb strip
  • Concave strip
  • Bead strip
  • T-Profile
  • Separating wire

Available Delivery Options:

  • Low and high resistive
  • Roll good or converted as per drawing
  • Copper or silver plated ends
  • Blank or PTFE-coated

For your packaging machines, we also offer

  • PTFE coated fabrics
  • Glass reinforced laminates
  • Silicone profiles and tubes as well as
  • Silicone coated glass fabric for the curtain of your shrink tunnel

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