Materials for packaging machines

Welding bars:

  •   PTFE coated glass fabric adhesive (silicone or acrylic adhesive) and none adhesive release tape or converted to a welding or zone tape.

Impulse welding machines:

  •   PTFE coated glass fabric as a release tape
  •   Silicone profiles
  •   Hardened silicone-glass fabrics
  •   Welding and cutting wires also converted to your specifications

Multipack packaging units for hygiene materials:

  •   Conveyer belts converted with or without studs
  •   2-ply belts with no increase in thickness
  •   Endless woven PTFE coated glass fabric belts

Shrink tunnels:

  •   Open mesh conveyer belts made from PTFE coated glass and Aramid (Kevlar®) fabrics
  •   Silicone curtains
  •   Silicone hoses
PTFE-beschichtete Glasgewebe als Trennfolie an Schweissbalken
endlos gewebte PTFE-beschichtete Transportbänder
Transportbänder aus Teflon-beschichteten Gewebe mit Nietenführung

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