PTFE coated fabric transport belts

synthetica® manufactures customer specific transport belts from high quality PTFE coated glass or aramid (Kevlar®-) fabrics for your individual application.

Challenging requirements in terms of durability are met by highly sealed PTFE coated surfaces or
laminated fabrics. Lateral stability of open mesh fabrics is improved by special weaving techniques.

The joint of a belt is critical for the application. All variants of welded and mechanical joints are available. Even 2ply belts without an increase in thickness in the joint area or endless woven belts are available.

Transportband endlos aus PTFE-beschichtetem Kevlar Gewebe
Transportband endlos gewebet aus PTFE beschichtetem Glasgewebe
Alligatorverbindung eines Transportsbands aus Teflon - beschichtetem Glasgewebe
Fingerverbindung eines PTFE Transportbands

Technical Characteristics:

  • Temperature resistant from – 150 °C to + 260 °C continuous, short term + 300 °C
  • Excellent release properties
  • Dimensionally stable and tear resistant
  • Physiologically harmless – food approved
  • UV-IR and hot air resistant 
  • Resistant to almost all known chemical products and solvents

Availability and Options:

  • Closed or open mesh
  • Anti-static or none anti-static
  • Endless welded joint or a mechanical joint
  • Endless woven
  • Various edge reinforcements or encapsulations
  • All steering options available
  • Multi-plied belts
  • Laminated one or both sides
  • Belt steering mechanisms
  • New: Belts for vulcanising tunnels with extremely smooth surfaces and special additives to increase life time

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