Materials for the food industry

synthetica® Fluorplastics GmbH supplies specially chosen materials for the food market which can withstand both extreme high and low temperatures, are noncorrosive and made to withstand the wear and tear prevalent in this industry. This will result in minimizing expensive down times and increased life times.

For baking ovens: Re-useable baking sheets made from PTFE coated glass fabrics as a converted cut piece or as a roll good in various colours. Nominal thickness: 0.08 mm up to 0.25 mm

For grilling units: Converted PTFE coated glass fabric belts with a high tear resistant and special crack free resilient surface ensure an extremely long life time.

New! Glass fabric free PTFE belting material for grilling units as well as many other applications.
This material is made from 100% PTFE. The unique characteristics of this glass free PTFE film is that it is highly tear resistant, stable and yet remains extremely flexible. This revolutionary new development increases the life time of your belts and is available in thickness ranges from 0.38 mm to 0.46 mm.

Conveyer belts for manufacturing tortillas:
We have developed a PTFE coated glass fabric material which has been laminated on both sides with PTFE film. This increases wear resistance as well as the anti-stick effect. These materials do not delaminate or blister.

Transportband ptfe beschichtetes Glasgewebe
Transportband aus ptfe beschichtetes Glasgewebe
transportband ptfe

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