Transport belts of PTFE coated fabrics for vulcanizing units

Many of our customers use standard PTFE coated glass fabric transport belts in their vulcanizing units.

As well as Standard belts, we can now also offer our newly developed material. Our premium quality silver material. Specially developed additives are mixed into the coating process.

You will benefit from

  • an especially sealed surface resulting in
    – substantially increased life-times
    – a more even absorption and distribution of heat

Our well-known pilot-customer from the rubber profile industry informed us of their extremely positive results: increased life-times giving production less down time resulting in savings of time and money.

The material is currently available in 0.28 mm thick. Contact us for your own individual offer for PTFE coated glass fabric Transport belts as soon as possible.

synthetica – as strong as a bear in  PTFE and Silicone